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Those Behind TB Joshua Watch Photo Proof!

7 years ago | 37757 Views

When this couple (Dave and Angie) were indicted of being the masterminds behind TB Joshua watch, the blog admins refuted it and denied any sort of connections with the couple, but that’s not what the facts portray as precisely every single one of them who we’ve confirmed to be directly involved with TB Joshua watch are friends with this couple on Facebook, And we’re talking of here of close to a dozen persons, Karina, Tracey, ianmcnaught, Eddie amartey, Giles, Tina and others, all mysteriously friends to the scoan uk hijackers, seems too much of a coincidence now for any level headed human being. Something’s up that obviously stamps out the couple’s innocence, but why by any chance would they choose to do this to the ministry using their recruits? Here’s a background story which informs a very strong reason told by Raphael Grail.

I joined a SCOAN branch in Western Europe in around 2009 and I clearly saw the disaffection of the congregation against their pastors. The couple who became known as the pastors of the London branch of SCOAN were school drop outs seeking solutions to their numerous problems. They were young individuals, wayward and involved with alcoholic and other anti-social vices. They were brought in by their parents to SCOAN seeking God’s intervention in their chequered (past) lives. They were humbly given the chance to become disciples of the Prophet. The couple whilst working in the Synagogue fell in love and decided to marry. Their marriage was blessed by the prophet and they were given the chance to travel to London as the first pastors of the SCOAN branch in the UK.

Though very young, and in their early twenties, they were entrusted with heavy responsibility of managing one of the finest ministries there. This goes to show the Prophet’s belief in empowering the youth as torch bearers of the future. Thought provoking sermons of the prophet were recycled by them and preached to us. This made an impact on the congregation and transformed many lives and many more were saved.


Along the line, the all-inclusive, all embracing attitude of the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, was side lined. He is a non-racist, a man who loves all races and a person who has been called to touch the lives of nations, regardless of class and race.

But we realized a worrying development on the part of Dave and Angie Tonge, the co-pastors. Angie who is a South African white and obviously the dominant of the two had the tendency of controlling the black members of the church. She looked down on us to the extent of casting aspersions on our culture and black people in general. The husband sometimes looked on unconcerned. I remember the husband asking Roland and I, on one occasion what we thought of the wife.

It was now becoming clear that the couple were control freaks who also had an agenda different from the church. A core within a core was being developed in the church. A few staunch S. Africans and two Zimbabwean Asians became Angie’s closest friends. No wonder they left with them to form the tbjosuawatch blog.

This trend of affairs led to open rebellion by the black Africans in the Church. Those who rebelled refused to render apology to Angie when they were forced to do so publicly. Many left the church in droves because they were made to feel unwelcome. It was these same blacks who did most of her baby sitting, cleaning and house hold chores for her but she never appreciated it. To her, blacks should always serve whites. That’s what her fore fathers did to blacks and that is what is ingrained on her mind, hence the repeated attack on African culture.


Some protested angrily about the treatment meted out to them by the two pastors. There was fear, to say the least. There was mistrust of their (the pastors) intention to flood London with bill boards of the church to the tune of £20,000. On the poster (a copy of which was shown to us at workers meeting) there were pictures of only whites and we were told the name of SCOAN was to be made away with and another name chosen (the name they paraded around was Faith Acts Now, which was to be on the posters). The photographer who took the pictures for the bill boards is now at the back of the new team demanding money for the work done.

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Anonymous user 7 years
God bless them and forgive them.
Anonymous user 7 years
God forgive them.
Anonymous user 7 years
hmmmm!! food for thought.
Anonymous user 7 years
Father have mercy on them for they know not what they do
Anonymous user 6 years
spiritual advancement,technological development & economical development in the overall has now put Africa on the map and we pity those who still think they can still illtrit Africans
Anonymous user 5 years
Tuberculosis Joshua prophecies are fake... Donald Trump has won the elections and I am waiting to see how he is going to release a fake video to the public claiming that he predicted that the man will win. By now the whole world knows that TB Joshua is a scam -
Anonymous user 4 years
Anonymous user 3 years
TB Joshua is an adulterer and a cheater. I personally have visited the church in Lagos. It's a business that is based on money, fooling all these innocent people. Ask him what his accommodation costs for the people to stay? 800 euro .. During the services they collected tithes 7 times. Where is that In the bible? He uses God and currently his Net worth is 15 million dollars while people live like hungry blind sheep. He has sexually abuses multiple women which is something he described as " It is ok as long as it is in the house of God". If you guys want to confirm this search about why the Greek synagogue branch was closed immediately. The pastor of that branch was abusing women for 8 years and tb Joshua knew it and kept silent. Because he is the same. The case has been taken to the authorities and to the court. Make a better research before you believe blindly. God is good. But TB Joshua is not god. He is a lost man who started off with God but has ended to become a man who craves for money and is completely In adultery.
Anonymous user 5 months
You are Liars
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